About Us

Tony's Lord Nelson Restaurant is one of Auckland’s oldest surviving restaurants established over 40 years ago. We have a unique and beautiful setting with private booths for intimate dinners downstairs, and open spaces upstairs which cater for bigger groups and parties. The impressive menu which includes seafood, venison, lamb, chicken and our WORLD FAMOUS PRIME STEAKS will entice you and leave your mouth watering! You will be tempted by numerous dishes and narrowing down your final choices will give you a minor but enjoyable headache. It is difficult to eliminate many of our exquisite dishes due to their ongoing popularity. This is the result of the long successful history of the LORD NELSON RESTAURANT

We cater for many different occasions at the Lord Nelson Restaurant such as birthdays, meetings, anniversaries and large groups. With 3 levels within the restaurant and set menus available we are happy to help tailor a plan to suit you and your guests. Email us for more details or Contact us on Facebook or you can phone us on 093794564


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